rms career development

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Joe T. Robinson Middle School 8th graders are getting a head start preparing for their futures. Students are required to take the semester-long career development class, which encourages students to begin researching career options, learn how to find job openings and apply for a job, as well as personal finance and budgeting.

Ms. Kimala Forrest currently has 89 students in the class.

“I encourage and stress how important each of them are and should always strive to be their very best,” said Ms. Forrest. “With this class, I can help them get started on the road to success by being supportive and encouraging. We have honest and open conversations about the work force and the expectations that come with each career or job. They are in charge of their own destiny with their decisions.”

The students also studied the interview process, paperwork, and how to dress appropriately for an interview. 

The career development students also discuss self-esteem, work ethic, the importance of completing paperwork efficiently, writing in a professional manner, speaking in front of their peers, and making a presentation.

“It is important that the students know what is expected of them, as young people,” said Ms. Forrest. “They need to know how to prepare for their future, what is required for the options they have chosen, why they make the decisions they make and the consequences or rewards.”