PCSSD is currently experiencing a full internet outage that is also impacting our phone lines. Our IT dept. is working with Ritter Communications and the Dept. of Info. Services to resolve the issue. We appreciate your patience and will update once the issue has been resolved.
12 days ago, PCSSD
Get active and start feeling better today. Celebrate National Physical Fitness & Sports Month by finding ways to #MoveYourWay and enjoy benefits like reduced stress and a better mood. Want to learn different ways to #GetActive? Check out http://ow.ly/Z1fM50IZn4t
13 days ago, PCSSD
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. When is it time to start thinking about mental health? Mental Health America’s resources take us back to the basics with practical resources on starting your mental health journey for life. Learn more: mhanational.org/may
14 days ago, PCSSD
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Happy Mother's Day!
15 days ago, PCSSD
mother's day
AR Kids Read is launching the Literacy Playground this summer! This program will provide fun opportunities for students to play with sounds and words as well as bring stories to life through STEAM activities. Summer volunteer registration is open: https://arkidsread.org/volunteer/
15 days ago, PCSSD
ar kids read literacy playground
On Monday, PCSSD provided boxed lunches for staff at all schools! We are so thankful for our hard working teachers and staff who keep our schools running! Shout out to Taziki's for delivering more than 1200 meals to 26 locations in a 2 hour window. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
16 days ago, PCSSD
tazikis teacher appreciation
Today is School Lunch Hero Day! We are so thankful for our Student Nutrition department and the dedicated staff who feed our kids every day. Thank you! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
16 days ago, PCSSD
school lunch hero
We have enjoyed celebrating our teachers throughout this Teacher Appreciation Week! But let's not let today be the last day we celebrate - let's continue celebrating and thanking our teachers the rest of the school year! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
17 days ago, PCSSD
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Today is the National Day of Prayer in which communities come together in prayer for our country and leaders.
17 days ago, PCSSD
national day of prayer
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Did you know that this day celebrates the anniversary of Mexico's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862? The American celebration started in California in 1863.
17 days ago, PCSSD
cinco de mayo
Teachers have influenced all of our lives and we are thankful for those who continue to serve the PCSSD community through teaching now. Post and tag to give a shoutout to your child's teacher below. #pcssdproud #eqiutyandexcellence
18 days ago, PCSSD
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May is National Foster Care Month and we want to take a moment to recognize the more than 460,000 children in foster care across America, along with those childcare professionals who work tirelessly to help find them permanent homes.
18 days ago, PCSSD
national foster care month
As we continue to recognize our teachers, what is your favorite teacher-memory from school? Let us know in the comments! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
19 days ago, PCSSD
teacher appreciation week 3
This is Teacher Appreciation Week! At PCSSD, we are so thankful for our many amazing teachers who are making lasting impressions on our children's lives. Who was your favorite teacher in school? #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
20 days ago, PCSSD
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Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month? It’s a great time to celebrate #PhysicalActivity and all of its many health benefits! Physical activity can help people of all ages maintain independence and carry out everyday tasks. Learn more: https://health.gov/news/202105/move-may-and-celebrate-national-physical-fitness-sports-month #MoveInMay
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Teachers inspire us every day and we are thankful for them, especially during this Teacher Appreciation Week! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
21 days ago, PCSSD
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you or someone you know is in crisis, text MHA to 741741 to reach a trained Crisis Counselor 24/7 or call 1-800-273-8255 to reach a local crisis center through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
21 days ago, PCSSD
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Today is School Principals' Day and we want to say a big THANK YOU to our principals across PCSSD. Your dedication to our students, families, and communities is unmatched and we appreciate all you do! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
22 days ago, PCSSD
school principals day
Teacher Appreciation Week starts Monday. Let's celebrate all Baker's awesome staff!!
23 days ago, Sonya Whitfield
Today is International Dance Day and we want to recognize our PCSSD dancers. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
23 days ago, PCSSD
international dance day