• Students in grades 10-12

  • must maintain a 2.0 GPA

  • Students must have no Level two or three discipline referrals with limited Level 1 referrals

  • $30 for competition fees and supplies

  • Students must be able to attend one after school practice every week which will be on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

  • Students must attend archery club meetings digitally and participate in chat during club with Mrs. Benham


  • Open to 10th-12th grade, must submit two works of art to Ms. Richard before being approved to join

  • 2.0 GPA

  • $20 fee due in January for Arkansas Young Artist Association contest

  • Art club is a creative space for you to collaborate with other student artists and to explore with different art materials.

  • Meet once a month virtually

  • Faculty Advisor - Ms. Richard



Contact: Mark Bailey, mbailey3983@pcssd.org

Ensemble program for students with prior instrumental music knowledge and skills.


Contact: Coach James Tipton, jtipton4778@pcssd.org

Additional Links: FacebookTwitter


Will not meet in the Fall


Contact: Kevin Davis, kdavis3244@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Twitter @SHBearsBKB

Grades 10-12


Contact: Coach Kevin Davis, kdavis3244@pcssd.org

Additional Link: Twitter



Contact: Michelle Camp, mcamp0893@pcssd.org

Bear Necessities is a Coffee and Apparel Store inside SHHS that is a student-ran, school based enterprise for students to learn real world skills.


Will not meet in the fall


  • Membership is by invitation only

  • Promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among secondary students

  • Membership dues: $30.00

  • This club will meet the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of each month in the media center during club time 10:13-10:36 with Mrs. Stuthard


  • This club is for people who love to read.

  • Members read and discuss books read individually or as a group.

  • Members design book displays, plan events and activities, and suggest purchases for the library learning center.

  • This group will meet every Wednesday during each lunch period.

  • $5.00 annual dues must be paid by second meeting

  • Sponsor: Ms. Ray, Media Specialist


Contact: Deborah Stewart and Delford McLennan, dstewart2426@pcssd.org

Additional Links: allfambowling.com

Bowling is a sport played at Cabot Bowling Alley. It is a team sport so students have to learn how to work together. Since we no longer have a bowling alley in Sherwood Bowling is a way to introduce a new sport to students, because this is one sport they can play for a lifetime.




Contact: Coach Tyler Phillips, tphillips8102@pcssd.org

Additional Link: Instagram

Sylvan Hills Cheer is a program that strives to mold each cheerleader into a well-rounded student-athlete and prides itself on preparing college-ready athletes.  Tryouts are held the week before spring break with multiple clinics leading up to prepare each athlete for the upcoming tryout.  We look for coachable athletes who are serious about growth and want to push themselves as well-rounded student-athletes who love promoting school spirit and supporting their school's athletic programs.


  • Beginners will learn the rules and how to play chess

  • Games are provided

  • This group will meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month in room 505 during club time 10:13-10:36



Contact: Elaine Harris and Julie White, aharris3344@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Facebook

SHHS Choirs are academic performance classes that compete and attend activities outside the school day. Students in the performance choirs must audition each year for their spot in the choir. Auditions are held every spring for the following school year. Students must maintain AAA GPA eligibility.



  • DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

  • Open to all students in grades 9-12

  • Membership Dues Annually $20.00

  • DECA meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays in the Media Center of each Month in the Media Center during club meetings time

  • Many fun-filled field trips and conferences for students to attend through-out the school year

  • Join more than 219,000 high school members in 5,000 classrooms in 3,500 schools across the world who are preparing for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, management and entrepreneurship

  • You’ll have the opportunity to become an academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leader through participation in DECA activities at the local, chartered association and international levels

  • From community service projects, competitive events, educational conferences, leadership positions, networking and social media, you’ll attain the knowledge and skills you need to be college and career ready

  • Simply ask your local DECA advisor at your school how to join your chapter today! See Ms. Camp, Mrs. Harris, or Ms. Chamblee


  • Students must be enrolled in EAST

  • No fees

  • This club will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month during club time (10:13-10:36)

  • Purposes oto give EAST students an opportunity to collaborate with other EAST students on community based projects oto plan EAST Night Out oto prepare the booth and serve as a selection committee over projects to take to national conference

students in woods


Contact: Deborah Stewart, dstewart2426@pcssd.org

The Environmental Club is to bring awareness of ways we can keep our school environmentally sound by recycling. We will put recycle bins in all classrooms and have students put in the recycle bin. Also, teach students what is recyclable and what is not. We helped previous student record moss with the naturalist app.


  • Leadership organization that promotes individual skills, community service projects, and enhanced leadership skills to serve our community, state, and nation.

  • student currently enrolled in and those having completed a FACS class are eligible

  • $20.00 membership fee/dues for members, checks payable to SHHS FCCLA

  • This club will meet the 1stTuesdays of each month in room 01-115 during club meeting time

  • Faculty advisers are Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Means and Mrs. Copley



  • Be an SHHS student in good academic standing.

  • Students must have no Level 2 or 3 discipline referrals with limited Level 1 referrals.

  • Preference given to students who are CPR/First-Aid certified. Responsibilities:

  • Fire Marshals monitor hallways/check rooms, etc. during fire drills or in the event of a fire.

  • In the event of a fire, members who are CPR/First-aid certified would be asked to render assistance until medical personnel arrive.

  • The Fire Marshals will meet the 4th Thursday of each month in room 112 during club time 10:13-10:36


  • Students must have a 2.0 GPA

  • Students must have prior fishing experience.

  • Club size is limited to 12 so those interested will have to fill out an application

  • Cost is $50

  • This club will meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month in room 112 during club time 10:13-10:36

  • Purposes

    • Have fun learning about the sport

    • Catch lots of fish for the end of year fish fry

    • Fish competitively (hopefully)


Contact: Jennifer Alaquinez, jalaquinez0800@pcssd.org

Students participate in competitive speaking, performing and debate in different formats across Arkansas.

board game


  • Meets in the media center of building 1 on 1st Tuesday

  • Mr. Bailey is the faculty adviser


  • See Ms. Ciara Adams (cadams7788@pcssd.org) for more information

  • Club meets once a month; dates will be announced with the club schedule

  • Club dues are $5 annually


Contact: Greg Frantal, gfrantal3723@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Twitter @SHBearsGolf

Varsity Boys and Girls Golf team. 2.0 GPA and must have a physical.


  • Students must be juniors (grade 11) in good standing

  • Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

  • Junior Exec students are the representatives for the Junior Class

  • Major responsibility is planning for, decorating for, and cleaning up after prom

  • This group will meet in the cafeteria the 2nd Thursday of each month during club time 10:13-10:36



  • 10-12 graders

  • 2.0 GPA

  • Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the seminar room in building 12

  • Advisers are Mrs. Deborah Stewart and Sergeant Claire Randall



  • Membership is by invitation only

  • Promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among secondary students

  • Membership dues: $30.00

  • Members must complete 10 required volunteer hours at St. Francis House, The Food Bank and SHHS

  • This club will meet the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of each month in the building 12 library learning center during club time with Mrs. Deborah Stewart

  • Math Honor society - 3.0 GPA in Algebra 1, Geometry, and first semester Algebra 2 and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

National Honor Society


  • Selection committee invites students after a brief vetting process based on teacher and administration recommendation

  • Students with 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher

  • Students exhibiting good character and integrity

  • Students must maintain their GPA during their membership

  • Students must participate in community service projects. Some of the projects will be group projects while much of it is done individually.

  • dues must be paid

  • Cords are awarded to graduates in good standing

  • Students must attend archery club meetings digitally and participate in chat during club meetings.

  • Faculty advisers are Ms. Leslie Durbin and Mrs. Darcy Benham


Contact: Rene Rabell, rrabell8122@pcssd.org

This is a club for promoting learning the Spanish language through creative writing.

  1. Membership is by invitation only

  2. Promotes reading and writing in Spanish

  3. Meetings will be held virtually twice a month (or will fit the club rotation designed by the school

  4. Will have a publication with a selection of literary creation pieces


  • All students are eligible to join

  • $5.00 dues are due by the second meeting

  • A place to be creative, share your poetry, and listen to others.

  • meets the 1st Tuesday of the month in the media center of Building 12 with adviser, Ms. Ray


Contact: Tony Howard, thoward9249@pcssd.org

This club is available to all male students who are interested in joining a brotherhood that focuses on grooming techniques, interviewing skills, self-respect, dealing with adversity, initiating grown-up conversations, and more. This club will be run like a fraternity and participants will learn how to step, will be required to volunteer, and will become leaders by nature. This is a brotherhood.


  • Open to students in grades 10-12 with Mr. Pruitt's approval

  • Students practice and compete on intellectual content in interscholastic competition


  • Any student at SHHS may join

  • Membership fees for robotics is $20.00

  • Members build and compete with robots

  • The club meets after school Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5:30, but close to competitions it can go even later

  • Competitions are on Saturdays



(Senior Class Officers & Representatives) Sylvan Hills High School
Purpose: A student-led committee that makes decisions for the Senior class during their Senior year and also serves as the reunion planning committee after graduation. This is a group elected by their peers as trusted decision makers within their class. Other duties involve: increasing school spirit by creating events and incentives on campus, setting up communication for future class events, buying a gift for the school from monies earned, creating an End-of-Year Senior Celebration.
Meeting every 3rd Thursday during Club time.

Process for selection:

  • Nominations - Seniors may nominate themselves or another member of the Senior Class

  • Senior Class Votes - All seniors will choose the top 13 to represent their class which includes Senior Class President, Senior Class Vice-President, Senior Class Treasurer and Senior Class Secretary

Sponsors: Joy Litten & Deb Stewart


  • Requires students must be enrolled in the Cosmetology Training Program

  • $15.00 membership fee/dues

  • Helps students acquire the skills, attitudes and values needed in the workplace –and in life

  • This club will meet in room 503 the 2nd Tuesday of each month during club time 10:13-10:36


Contact: TBA


Contact: Greg Frantal, gfrantal3723@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Twitter @SHBearsGSoccer

Varsity Girls Soccer. GPA 2.0 and a physical



Contact: Mark Anderson, manderson6448@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Twitter @SHBearsSBFacebook @shhsladybearsInstagram

Our mission is to prepare our student athletes to succeed at the highest level in the classroom and on the athletic field. In order to compete athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA.


  • Members are elected by their peers at the end of the previous year

  • Members are VERY involved in planning, organizing and supervising activities of the school - i.e. blood drives, spirit days, pep rallies, Homecoming festivities, daily announcements

  • This group will meet at 7:45 every Tuesday morning during the school year in room 210 as well as during club time twice a month and after school as needed

  • $30 fee for each member

  • Faculty advisers are Mrs. Sharon Stuthard and Mrs. Deborah Stewart



Additional Links: WebpageFacebook @saaccshhsTwitter @saaccshhsInstagram @shhs_saacc

  • Students study the past to glean understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement from the history and culture of Africans and people of African descent in the Americas.

  • Students express the present to celebrate the living history of today in the lives of the organization’s members.

  • Students prepare for their eventual exit from high school into life as adults through mentorship and help with college and or career preparation and selection.

  • See Mr. Dupins for more information

swim team


Contact: Coach Harper, aharper4641@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Twitter @SHBearsSwim, Facebook

Swim Team is an athletic program for high schoolers that like to train and compete in swim meets. Swim and Dive team competes in 10 meets each year in addition to conference and state meets. Swimmers need to be able to swim at least one of the four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, or breast stroke). We train at the Bill Harmon Rec Center and from Sept to March. Swimmers train to meet qualifying times. If you can swim, you would be a great fit for our team. If you are an athlete in other sports, our team builds great core conditioning, endurance, and stamina. We have placed first in our conference the last 3 years. Our program is entering it's 5th year. Our swim team was established because we have an amazing community rec program with a large number of children in our community that participate. Once many of those students reach high school, they still want to compete and participate in a sport they love.


  • Open to students in grades 10-12

  • Encourages and enlightens future teachers in their pursuit of empowering young minds and hearts

  • Will develop and grow into a Orientation to Teaching program at SHHS in the near future

  • TOT will meet the 2nd Thursday of each month during club time (10:13-10:34) in room 115

  • No membership fee, but expenses may incur depending on event


Contact: Coach Harper, aharper4641@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Twitter @SHBearsTennis, Facebook

Sylvan Hills Tennis Team is for athletics interested in playing tennis. We have both girls and boys teams. We compete in matches (10) and a 2 day conference tournament. Those that place in the conference tournament move on to play in the 5A State Tournament. We have boys' doubles and singles teams and girls doubles and singles teams. We practice currently at Henson Park in Sherwood, but have had the opportunity to play the first match ever at the new Sherwood Sports Complex and we look forward to making that our new home. We are currently expanding our program and are in our 2nd year. We won conference tournament and sent 7 players to state our first season. We are working with creating some leagues for student athletes to play recreationally during the off season with the City of Sherwood to provide another positive outlet and additional physical activity to our students interested in athletic programs.


  • ITS is the Educational Theatre Association’s student honorary organization

  • ITS recognizes the achievements of high school theatre students

  • Cost is $10.00 for induction fee

  • Activities will include participation in the fall and spring drama productions

  • This group will meet in the auditorium the 2nd Thursday of each month during club time.

  • $10 club fee if you are planning on being involved in 2 shows during the current school year

  • $20 club fee if you are planning on being involved in 1 show during the current school year

  • $30 club fee if you are planning on not being involved in any shows during the current school year

  • Graduates will either receive a cord, medallion or sash depending on their Theatre Arts Commitment over the course of the High School Career.

  • Faculty adviser is Mrs. Jennifer Alaquinez TRI-M

  • open to music students in grades 9-12 (choir, piano, band, music theory)

  • 4.0 GPA in all music classes; 3.0 GPA in overall GPA

  • Meets Virtually; Club schedule coming soon

  • Sponsors: Elaine Harris, Mark Bailey


Contact: Carl Presley, cpresley1863@pcssd.org

Boys Track and Field is a team sport. Practice starts late September or 1st of October depending on the weather. All athletes must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average to be eligible. We participate in indoor track meets in early January and finish in late February. Outdoor season usually starts in March and last till late April or first of May.


Contact: Grover Garrison, ggarrison2797@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Facebook, Twitter

An extra-curricular school sports program geared towards helping female student-athletes participate in track & field.



Contact: Michelle Muhammad, mmuhammad4114@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Facebook PageInstagram @bigbearsvolleyball

The Lady Bear volleyball team will kick off its summer practice on June 8th. The reigning conference champs are excited even with the social distancing guidelines that are in place. Tryouts will be held on July 8th. Each participant wanting to tryout must have a mask/face covering and an updated physical.


Contact: Chad Collins and Dusty Clark, jclark8092@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Facebook @SylvanHillsWrestlingTwitter @SHBearsWrasslin, Remind @shhswrst

9-12 men’s wrestling. Must have a 2.0 GPA. Meets after school at SHHS. Headgear and shoes are required.


Contact: Dusty Clark and Chad Collins, jclark8092@pcssd.org

Additional Links: Facebook @SylvanHillsWrestlingTwitter @SHBearsWrasslin, Remind @SHHSWW

9-12 women’s wrestling. Must have a 2.0 GPA. Meets after school at SHHS. Headgear and shoes are required.



  • A student-led group

  • Provides a setting for students to pray for their school, to read and study and Bible, and to worship God with other believers in Jesus Christ.

  • Open to all students

  • This group will meet the 4th Tuesday of each month during club time (10:13-10:34) in the auditorium

  • No cost