Here you will find more information that has been provided to the Maumelle High School Counseling Department by the different branches of the military.

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The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is the test that all students interested in joining any military branch will need to take. Currently testing is only available at selective recruitment sites with emphasis placed on seniors. If you are a junior interested in taking the ASVAB, you will need to reach out to a recruiter to schedule a test date and time.

For more information about studying for the ASVAB, please click on the following website:


Letter to Seniors


Congratulations on achieving the first great milestone in your adult life. Now is the time to decide what is next for you. Whether you're going to enter the workforce, continue your education or pursue a military career, The Arkansas Army National Guard has options for you!

The benefits include:

  • 100% Free Tuition for your entire bachelor's degree

  • Monthly Pay Check / With Monthly College Stipend (Up to $1,000.00 a month for working only 1 weekend while you are in college)

  • Sign on Bonus of up to $20,000

  • Student Loan Repayment up to $50,000

  • Paid job training in your field (up to $2,700.00 a month)

  • Ability to gain internship credit

  • Experience in your degree field (medical, engineering, construction science, computer science, logistics, HR, military intelligence, and many more)

  • Opportunity to serve your community during natural disasters

  • Medical and dental insurance

  • Access to 401k retirement account with 5% match and a pension

So if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, make some money while going to college, and get experience in your degree field, set up an appointment with a National Guard Collegiate Advisor. Make a difference for others and yourself. Start now and get your Fall Tuition paid immediately.

For more information text your name to 501-681-1107.

Must be a US citizen or permanent resident to qualify.

We hope to hear from you soon

Christopher M. Bays
Collegiate Advisor
National Guard Collegiate Recruiting Team


Recruiter Contact Info:

SGT Jeremy A. Bass


Instagram Handle: @armyrecruitingnorthlittlerock

Currently communicating using digital means. Recruiters are doing this by phone calls, social media, and conducting appointment through skype and face time.

"As far as ASVAB testing, they are able to give the PICAT. The PICAT is an ASVAB that they can take at their home. Once they are done and MEPs opens up again all they have to do is verify their score at MEPS. The nice thing about the PICAT is it does not count against them if they fail."

"Juniors: It would be beneficial for them to take it with us (recruiters) now. That way if they need to improve their scores they have enough time to study. If they don't do well with us they can take it this fall and improve their score or take again with us sooner."


Petty Officer Allen
4190 E McCain Blvd
North Little Rock, AR 72113

  • Recruiting:

  • Boot Camp Length: Eight weeks, location:  Great Lakes, IL

  • Length of Service Required: Five years of active duty if recipient of NROTC scholarship.

  • ROTC Programs Scholarship up to $200,000. You can apply online

  • 100% Free Tuition for your entire bachelor's degree

  • Monthly Paycheck, paid Bi-weekly

  • Sign on Bonus of up to $28,000

  • Reserves Training Bonus up to $10,000

  • Reserves Options (Receive 4 days of basic pay for only 2 days worked (16 hours) drill weekend)

  • Student Loan Repayment up to $65,000

  • Paid job training in careers such as medical, law enforcement, engineering and science, legal, arts and communication, intelligence, information and technology, aviation, construction, religious services, electronics, and special operations

  • Medical and dental insurance

  • Opportunities to travel worldwide


TSgt Ryan


  • Recruiting:

  • Boot Camp Length: Seven weeks

  • Length of Service Required: Four years of active duty if recipient of Air Force ROTC scholarship.

  • ROTC Programs in Arkansas: University of Arkansas (other colleges offer Air Force ROTC through U of A)

  • Basic Training Location: Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Info taken from: Arkansas NEXT


Recruiter Contact:
Gunnery Sergeant Roland
Marine Corps Recruiter RSS Little Rock

Important Info Shared by Recruiter:

  1. Are your recruiting offices open?
    Yes, our office is open. However, some of the recruiters are working from home. Most of the appointments that we've had were through virtual means (skype, zoom, etc).

  2. Can students take the ASVAB if they are interested in your branch at your recruitment location if they are seniors?
    Students can take the ASVAB through us, but it would be at our MEPS location here in Little Rock. We would just have to set up an appointment with the student beforehand.

  3. If they are juniors interested in taking the ASVAB, should we be advising them to take it in the fall when we hopefully return to school?
    We are currently working with juniors too. We can set up an appointment with them and set them up with the ASVAB. They can also take the ASVAB at school in the fall.