lisa smith

Principal: Lisa Smith

Hello Mighty Red Jacket Family!

I am incredibly eager to start this new school year as we SWARM into learning "On the Hill." Our mission is to foster an inclusive, positive learning environment for our scholars by developing self-regulated problem solvers who are engaged, empowered, and motivated to learn. I’m looking forward to continuing the awesome work that we started last school year and working with staff, students and the community. Get ready to get involved as we motivate students to love school.   

#LoveFirstTeachSecond #CHESRedJackets #SWARMontheHILL

dennis dewitt

Assistant Principal: Dennis DeWitt

Dennis Dewitt is the new Crystal Hill Elementary assistant principal and previously served as the assistant principal at Baker Elementary. Prior to his five years serving as administrator, Dewitt was a teacher for two schools in PCSSD. He is married with two children and graduated from Arkansas State University. 

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Assistant Principal: Tracy Bailey